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Finally back to full time!

Bethalyn's picture
on October 2, 2007 - 10:45am

Last night was my first twelve hour shift and I must say it wasn't so bad. I have been working part time for the last two years while attempting to get my fibromyalgia under control. I have been doing amazingly well for about the last nine months. I still hurt, but I can tolerate it to a much greater extent, and wonder of wonders I have actually been sleeping fairly well.
I'm really excited to be back to working full time! Not only will the money be great, but now I can accrue PTO at a faster rate and pay less for my bennies! Best of all, even though I'm full time I will still only be working three days per week since I'm doing twelves. At the hospital where I work 36 hours a week is considered full time for nurses who work twelve or nine hour shifts. Before I was working twenty-four hours a week, so in theory my income should increase by a third. Yipee! Now I'll actually have something to put in my savings account that will matter!
Last week I got to go to the Portland Shriner's Hospital with Tiffine and Trish from the Tender Totes and Heavenly Dreams Project. We met some very friendly ladies who work there and got to pass out pillowcases and beanie babies to the children. I was really fun and I hope to be involved again in the future. There's a picture of us in front of the hospital in the Tender Totes thread under general discussion. Not a horribly good picture of me since I was tired from working the night before, but at least people can see what I look like in color (you know, since my other photo is black and white).
Sorry this is so long. I'm just really excited and happy that things are going well so far. Wish me luck!

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