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Bad night

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on October 2, 2007 - 2:12pm

All the stress caught up with me last night. Had a major anxiety attack for the first time in 5 years. Even Josh didn't help. Maybe I waited too long to listen to him, but I couldn't exactly do that at work last night. They frown on loud music in the library (at least from the staff).

I think the final straw came when I found out my sister had tickets to see Maroon 5 (along w/bsp) and never told me. She knows I like them alot and we had even talked about going to see them the next time they toured. We both agreed that right now we just couldn't rationalize it $$ wise. So then my brother wins the tickets, gives them to HER (he doesn't know I like them, I think he still thinks I only listen to New Kids). It's not about the tickets really, more the principle of the thing. She knew I liked them, had the tickets Saturday and didn't even give me a chance to get the night off of work.

Take that, add it to $$ woes, stir in the fact that my aunt tells me on Sunday that she didn't want to be bothered getting me a souvenier from London. Let brew and watch Jill dissolve into a sobbing mess in the parking lot.

For the record,I didn't ask for anything extravagent, just a small bag of Thornton's toffee and maybe a keychain or something). Didn't want to be bothered? I brought her the Wedgewood she asked for when I went--WTF???? I took time out of my trip. What the hell?!? I know that there are alot of people who's lives are much worse than mine, and I sound kinda petty, but I'm just asking for a little respect/appreciation? Is that so wrong?

I kinda feel like I try & bend over backwards to be nice to people in an age where that seems to be going out the window, and all I get is a karmic kick in the ass.

Sorry to rant, but I just don't have anyone to talk to anymore. I feel like you guys will forgive pretty much anything. I think I may have to give myself up for adoption on Ebay, see what I get. It's gotta be better than a family who must just see a giant blob with the words "please, use me up and spit me out" tattooed on my forehead.

Grr. I think it's going to be a bottle of wine night. Oh god, now their playing "Lonely, I'm so lonely" at work.....sob.

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