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joshlover2themax's picture
on October 3, 2007 - 10:11am

I think I need a Dancing with the Stars update. Most everyone was really good. I didn’t like Wayne Newton’s performance. I think he needs to go. I felt really bad for Jennie and Derek because he tripped on her dress at the very end and hit her in the head. The handled the mistake very well though. I thought Maks looked so yummy in that outfit. And I was thinking about how much he has changed sense the beginning of the show. In the previous seasons he is always strict and sober. He never smiled much. I think Lalia broke him of that. Now he smiles and looks like he is having a good time. He is really cute when he smiles. Tony and Jane were lovely. I liked the mambo they did…classy worked for her. Yesterday morning I used all of my votes for Tony (and will continue to do so until he wins). Last night on the results show we found out that Jane’s mother passed away so they didn’t want to keep us in suspense and told us that Tony and Jane were safe. I am so sorry for her loss but I am glad that she is staying in the competition. I might be kind of selfish in my reasoning but I want to see Tony dance more. And I think she is the best partner that he has ever had.

Noel comes out next week!! *jumps around room, screaming* I am so excited! I cannot wait to be able to hear all the songs..and to be able to stare at the cover for another two months.

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