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Where I want to be...

vijaykumar's picture
on October 4, 2007 - 7:50am

Firstly, thanks yesterday for the comments. :) They did actually make me feel a bit better.

And I've decided, I'm going to see 'Chess'. Those prices I can handle, I don't even care where I'm sitting just so long as I'm there. Flying over alone is fine...just someone tell me where everyone else is staying! I'm getting basically money for Christmas from my mum for this trip - amazing really - so I'm sure I can handle it. If not, we only live once, right?

Its kinda funny really, after we got back from Toronto and seeing POTO the first time, we were sitting around Julie's living room talking about what we want to do next. She's going to Disney World next autumn with some friends, that sounds like lots of fun, but doesn't exactly interest me. I said I'm aching to see 'Chess' next. Alright, so I saw POTO next technically (whoohoo free tickets). Funny how that happened.

So...this only took three hours cause everyone else wanted to computer too. Anyway got teachers to e-mail to see if I can use them for references. Mum said Canadian Tire is looking for part time help, and I worked there as a teen so maybe that would work out. Just tell them I always worked in the Christmas stuff, cause I only need the job until Christmas. But, the plus is if the store in Peterborough is hiring, I will get the job because I worked at the one here.

Wonder if they'd let me play Josh's CD to put everyone in the mood to buy lots of festive things?

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