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Feeling At Peace

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on October 5, 2007 - 3:25am

I'm enjoying having the house to myself. I could get used to it....if I didn't love that guy, most of the time, and like having him around most of the time. haha Maybe I should send him on a trip about every 3 months. HaHa...yeah, I don't think that will go over well, no matter how brilliant of an idea it is.

Of course, I could get used to it...when a person spends more of their life single than married, it would be easy to get used to again.

I haven't even done anything exciting while he's been gone. Except catch up on my sleep. Well, mostly. Couldn't take a nap yesterday, but I slept late in the morning. Oh...and I worked out...for 1 1/2 hours. Nothing terribly strenuous, but something I normally wouldn't have time or energy for. I think that's going to be a once a week thing on my day off, if I can stay motivated to do it. haha. Now that would be the thing, right?

And I have few exciting plans for the time he's gone. I have to work all weekend. But that's ok. I do plan to go to Utah to see Joivana on Tuesday. That's going to be a long day, but so dang worth it!! Of course, seeing Joi is the best part...ok...maybe that's a fib....buying Noel will be the best part. New Joshie Music...SQUEE!

Only 4 more shopping days until I can buy Noel.

OK, maybe that's not as funny as I first thought it was. But hey, Christmas is coming early thanks to Josh. And I already drive my coworkers nuts between Josh music and in December, Christmas music. They really won't know what to do with me if I'm playing Josh Christmas Music. haha. Who cares?

And speaking of my co-workers, one of them decided to mess with me tonight. She took all my "Josh magnets" off of my locker. Of course, I noticed right away, and I looked inside my locker. And thought about it. Then I looked again. She was watching me the whole time, waiting for a rise out of me. At first, I figured someone it would be some kind of "sexual harrassment" thing. You know how people get about that. Then, when I saw who was working, I figured she was just messing with me. So I didn't say anything right away. I just came in and went about my work. It drove her nuts. Then she asked me what was wrong with I was acting mad, which I wasn't. I told her nothing. Then, after about 10 minutes, I asked her is she was messing with me. She asked why and I said, "because all my Josh pictures are gone off my locker!" Then she tried to lie, but couldn't, and started laughing. I told her it didn't matter...I could print more. She was just sure I would put up a fuss, and I kind of disappointed her when I didn't.

Sammy's eye (yes, the dog is named Sammy...and before you ask...Yes, I had the dog first! Who would name their dog after their husband on purpose? I'm nuts, but not that nuts!!!) or rather, the space where his eye used to be is healing nicely. Looks like there will just be a small scar there. I was talking to my sister on Monday, and telling her about it...and she said we did this at the right time of year because now he can be a Halloween Dog. I about died when she said that.

Oh, this is something I intended to write about a couple of weeks ago. It still cracks me up.

I was showing one of the nurses my pics from my August Josh trip, and another nurse looked over our shoulders, and he asked, (are you ready?) "is that your son?" Oh, hell, do I feel old now...bearing in mind that yes, indeed, I COULD BE (if I started early) old enough to be Josh's mother...yeah, I'm old. I got a little sarcastic and said, "Oh, yeah, can't you see the family resemblance? Of course, a tall, thin guy with dark curly hair is definitely my son! Oh, and WHAT have you been smoking? And can I have some?" Then, a few days later, when I had my "hair color mishap," I told him I dyed my hair darker so I'd look more like my son.

Oh, and the haircolor...not such a mishap anymore. It is not so dark anymore, and I really kind of like it now. So, the box was right. It is dark blonde, after all.

Nothing exciting to write about, but I sure can ramble on and on about nothing! :)

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