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MRI Rhythms

vijaykumar's picture
on October 6, 2007 - 12:04pm

Just finished the MRI on my injured knee. That was wierd. Loud drumming sounds with a tone to go with it. sounds like the making of a rap song to me. LOL. I swear I could feel my protons move. I can see where it would be closerphobic to have your head in there. It was bad enough with my leg in there. So I guess my protons are back in place as my leg is not in a wavy shape. LOL. I asked the MRI technition about the class action law suit against the MRI's. Apparently the contrast (ingested liquid to drink) that is used for some MRI scans caused some medical health issues for about 90 people with kidney problems. It is a different liquid than the iodine in a cat scan. I guess they use the contrast primarily in kidney scans. I am pretty sure MRI's are one step away from "beam me up Scotty." It is only a matter of time. Imagine how quickly we will be able to get around when they finally figure that one out. "beam me up to the mall, Scotty" 2 min and 2 sec latter there you are. uh oh...what ...too many users on line..."you put me down right now Scotty" LOL

Thought for the day;
Kangaroo playing a dijoreedoo

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