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is this PCD???

lindyjean's picture
on October 7, 2007 - 10:02pm

is it just me, or are some of you suffering from a general feeling of malaise? i'm not all that excited about the xmas cd, even though i know it's going to be wonderful. i'm just not ready for the holidays, and they will be here before we know it. i used to be one of those people who had their shopping done by thanksgiving, their house all decorated up the day after thanksgiving, christmas music playing all the time....the last few years, that feeling is gone....perhaps the Noel CD will give me back some holiday cheer....but, anyway, without any third leg yet announced, i just feel disinterested in most things josh....i barely reply on the boards...nothing is of interest to seems like the same old, same old....i hate it that this lethargy seems to be permeating into the rest of my life....i just started a new job, and that takes a lot out of me--all the stress of learning something new, and all the new faces i have to learn...i'm terrible with names now. so, i'm chalking this up to that new development in my life...i hope it gets better....someone at warner bros, or brian, needs to announce a third leg of josh's TWO YEAR tour.... if i'd known that anaheim was going to be my last concert of the tour, i'd have gotten the VIP seats and not been relegated to seats so far away. i thought i'd be seeing josh three or four times this tour.....i won't fly anywhere, so i was expecting more shows in california---please don't get me wrong--i know there are many of you waiting in florida and the midwest, and you'll think i'm whining cuz i only got to see him three times....oh, gosh, as i write that, i'm making MYSELF ill with disgust!!! forgive me....
i just want to feel like there is some other concert OUT THERE in the future that i'll get to go to sooner rather than later...that's that too much to ask???

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