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So much to be thankful for...

vijaykumar's picture
on October 8, 2007 - 4:42pm

Firstly...I think I ate too much. And secondly...we're gonna be so sick of turkey by the end of the week!

The only thing that annoyed me was Lisa put up stupid Hallowe'en decorations. I'm not a person for that particular day of the year, I haven't been since I was 11 years old. I was always sick it seemed, so couldn't go out with my sisters. By the time I turned 13 I was over it and was considered too old. So, I lost interest. Okay it is fun for my niece, but I really don't see the reasoning to decorating already for it. And then I told Lisa if she doesn't take it down the day after I'll throw it all out - to which she laid into me over the Christmas decorations, how I'll never take them down. Um, they decorated last year, and I still remember the year I had surgery a week after Christmas and they WAITED until I could lift things again. Heck, I got left alone with my niece and wasn't to be lifting her.

Then of course someone had to bring up I don't need to be bothered with Josh's Christmas CD already. Firstly, I'm involved in a Secret Santa with some people on, so technically I don't need to buy my own copy, but I was going to download it on itunes. Although, the bother there being it is on my sister's computer. Anyway, I need to buy a copy for my person, so hopefully I can find it tomorrow. I might buy one for my niece too. Why does no one get how important music is to me? And Christmas as well? I love Christmas, as far as I'm concerned it is technically the next major holiday. Well, I'll have it by this time tomorrow likely on itunes. I wish I had the internet set up on my laptop but oh well.

Met with Jena yesterday, was grand fun. We all went to see 'Sydney White', it was funny. Then we wandered around the mall, marveled at lack of advertising for 'Noel' and then we parted ways. Wish we'd had longer time to spend together though.

I feel like sleeping...maybe I shouldn't stay up late tonight, since I get to walk my bratty niece to school tomorrow. Oh joy. Knowing me, I'll stay up anyway.

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