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PSCU or Post-surgical check-up -- and other misc. acronyms ...

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on October 8, 2007 - 7:32pm

Saw Dr. Reilly tonight and got my stitches out. He checked my knee and the ROM (range of motion) - he gave me some exercises to do and said he would see me in two weeks and if the ROM has improved then he won't send me to PT but if not then ... dun dun dun ... IT'S PT FOR ME! YIKES! So leg exercises I will do! And then maybe in two weeks -- he'll let me get back on the treadmill. I think stopping my exercising so suddenly has sent me plunging into a little bit of a depression. I feel awful and it seems like all my clothes are getting tight and I feel flabby! Not to mention we all know that exercise releases endorphins and that makes you happier and puts you in a better mood -- sooooo I wondered what the heck got me so down and at first I thought it was just that HRH was MIA and yeah that contributed to it but it's the sudden dip in physical activity that has really sent me spiraling. DANG!!! Well I'm gonna work on my leg exercises and throw some sit-ups into the mix and see what comes of it. I have an appt to go see the neck doctor next Monday and see what happens with that. He'd better not even mention that bloody "S" word or I'll shriek! I still have numbness in my left arm that goes all the way down into my fingers - my palm itches like nuts these days and it's because of that. I can't wait to get this resolved. Then maybe I'll be a whole human being again ...

OooOOooOOooo BTW I'm making homemade applesauce tonight! Can't wait to try it! I used to make it like crazy when the kids were little but haven't done that in maybe ummm *blush* 10 years. Okay fine, more like ummm ... 15 ... HEY! back off ... it wasn't THAT long ago ... punk!

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