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on October 9, 2007 - 7:29am

Well its been a busy weekend and my week is only getting busier. Thanks for all your comments and I will definetly be listening to Josh on my rides to and from work.
Well I got teh great news that my cousin has chosen me as her bridesmaid. I love my cousin, she is like my other sister. Plus I have 2 wedding next month. So diet here I come!! lol. Besides that I am super excited i get josh's cd today right after work Im rushing over to Target for that bonus dvd!! This week is going to just fly by and before you nkow it I will be driving to my new job monday morning! I worked til 4 yesterday then class at 7 til 10. Today I work til 4 and then I have the Daughtry concert tonight, excited about that too! Then work tomorrow all day class at night. Thursday I work all day and then shopping at night. Friday is my goodbye luncheon at work and drinks afterwards! Then shopping again saturday for new work clothes, have to dress up a bit more. Then sunday Im off to see my cousin in miami and dress shopping at David's. So super busy week for me!! IM just so happy now. Im not so stressed and Im all smiles!!

On another note my boyfriend is preparing to propose to me. I know Im not supposed to know but he slipped. We talked about it and before I knew it I was shopping around online looking at rings to see what i liked. It started like this, we had a triple date with his sister and her fiance. We went to cheescake factory for an early dinner then went to Joe Picassos. Its an art place where you create your own masterpiece. We were there til midnight painting. It was a blast! Well the place has a built in cafe, so his sister and I went to get some coffee and cookies, while in line we talked and she tells me, "we have to work on you getting you a ring" I was shocked by her comment. Ever since I first started dating her brother, I thought she hated me. Shes just so intimedating, but through our girl talks we've grown really close and I think of her as my sister! lol. zSHe even said it herself that Im the first girlfriend she ever liked and it shows. Well I told my boyfriend her comment and he smiled. I told him I dont expect it for another year, and he said I wouldnt say that long. Then he told me as soon as he gets hired for a city, that its one of his top things on his list to do. So Im estatic!! So All smiles here, no more woes!!
Well take care guys, I know you've been waiting on a post. IM sorry it took so long, been busy. Once I start the new job I wont have the online freedom that I have now, so Ill be posting on the weekends. Love you guys!!

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