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Selfish People

Chirpie's picture
on October 9, 2007 - 9:52am

I have to vent here for a minute. People have rambled on on his board about Target and their "sucky" service in not knowing if the CD will be out or not. I am suprised at the violence that people have promised if they couldn't get the CD/DVD. Can't they just be glad IF they can find it? I understand the excitement, I was at my local Target at 8 this morning myself, but I only bought my ONE copy and went on to work. Can't listen in the car because I have my husband's truck with no CD player. Can't watch the DVD at work on my computer will have to wait til I get home and I'm OK with that.

Then I read about people scooping up ALL THE COPIES ON THE SHELF???? Why does this bother me? Because several friends have not been able to go to the store until lunch only to find out they are sold out of four or six copies they had. Sucks royally for them because they had to work, and because of the "selfish" fans who insisted they had to have all copies on hand, much less going to multiple stores and buying them out too. Most of these stores had a limited number, it isn't like they had a stash in the back. And why were some of these people buying so many? To send overseas. Sucks for those overseas that can't get this version, but what about your fellow fans in the states that you just screwed? Not that I don't feel for the fans over there, but take it up with WB. I'm sure something is in the works for you. Enjoy the CDs that the fans here can't even get.

Sorry to be so harsh, but c'mon, if it had been you who had a meeting this morning and didn't have the luxary of getting to the store until later you would be mad too.

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