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What's Going On In Herstory Today

vijaykumar's picture
on October 9, 2007 - 2:41pm

Evenin' Peeps.

On the other side of the wall peeps are all abuz regarding the purchase of the new xmas cd/dvd combo and there is a lot of chatter about limited quantities. I think I will purchase mine via the email ad I received a few days ago.
What I would really like to hear is that there will be a Josh Groban tv music special.
There seems to be a lack of those these days with all of the reality stuff on the tube.
Better yet how about of weekly music show with Groban. "Josh Groban and Friends"
We use to have Sonny and Cher. Well, I know now that we have American Idol and that is fine. But I want the professional music show with guys that know what they are doing...Groban and company. (Now if Groban did a Sonny and Cher type of thing...OOOO OOOO pick me pick me. I'll be Cher. But you can't do that unless I get to be Cher)Otherwise on the Josh Groban and Friends show he could sing with a guest star each week. I know there is about 1 million ladies who would watch each week. $$Caching$$ for ads.
Well I am told I must give up the puter to another library guest. Got to go back to work and set up assessment stuff for tomorrow. Goodness I will be glad when all this testing of my autistic students is done ! yikes.

Re the movie...I think there was only one made. Same movie.

OOOO did the choir we actually sounded good.

Must go.

Bye all

or weekly "Josh Groban Live !"

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