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got my special cd/dvd

lindyjean's picture
on October 9, 2007 - 4:28pm

so i went out at 8:45 to my target and got the only available cd/dvd---found out later that a friend of a friend was there at 8 and bought three of them, and there was one, maybe two left..don't know if there was one more, or who got it, but, that's it for the only target for over 60 miles away....i had wanted one more, for my mother in law, who is not anywhere near a target, but i'll just send her the regular cd, and she'll be happy....i hope they get more, so everyone gets one who wants one. lotsa disappointed grobies out there....
i haven't watched the dvd yet...our computer is being obnoxious and won't play it, and our dvd player is unhooked from the other night---one of our cats caught a mouse outside and brought it in, and it ran behind the entertainment center...we had to unhook the cable, and dvd player, move the unit, and get the mouse....i won't kill a poor little mousey--it was outside, in its world, doing its thing, and wasn't trying to get into my world, so, we just trap them and let them go. it upsets the cats, but, hey, life is tough all over. so, i'll have to wait til the house is clear, the dvd player is hooked up, and then i'll watch my dvd without fear of being made fun of.....the screencaps posted are adorable.
can't wait to see it...i have to go back and play, "i'll be home for xmas", just to hear josh talking......

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