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Last night

vijaykumar's picture
on October 10, 2007 - 6:50am

Well I rushed out of work and drove like a maniac to the closets target to pick up the cd/dvd of Noel. Well turns out they didnt have the dvd. I was upset, its the second time that target doesnt haev the item im looking for. But that didnt stop me from buying it. I got the cd and if they end up having the cd/dvd combo later on Ill buy it all over again regardless. I can never win with Target. Ive had some issues in the past with them, so I really dont like shopping there.
On another note Im sooo tired this morning. Yesterday was a full day for me. Was at work til 4 went to target and publx got home around 5. Changed clothes jumped on my treadmill. Then took a shower, got dressed got all dolled up and waited around for my sister. We had tickets to go to the Daughtry concert last night. We left the house around 6 to go to Hard Rock. Got a good parking spot, then we roamed around seeing what we were going to eat for dinner. We ended up at TaTu a relly good sushi place. The waiters in there are super cute and nice. We had a heart to heart talk about our differences and why we were always mad at eachother. It was nice sister bonding experience that I miss having. Nothing like family right? I got to re-discover how cool my sister is and what I have been missing. Anyways made it to the concert at 8 rocked out and screamed. Now this morning I barely got out of bed dragged into work and Im drinking coffee by the gallon!! lol well im up to 2 cups so far. I know its bad but I cant function right now im tired, but it was one hell of a night! Live, Love, Laugh, Grow, thats what I say. I lived, I love my sis, laughed my butt off last night at the concert and That talked I shared with my sis made me open my eyes and grow as an adult. Ohh by the way had drinks at the TaTu the watermelon Mojito was delicious!! I recommend you to try it. Its a twist on teh regular mojito. Oh plus we sat at the sushi bar in the back that was cool to hang out with the sushi chefs and see them prepare the sushi and put it together! All in all it was a great ngiht I just wish I had brought my camera to take pics, I left it at home. Anyways after work I have night class so Ill be rushing today and tired tomorrow as well. I hate the set up I have right now its like monday - friday is a blur and saturday and sunday all I do is be lazy and do my homework! I have no life right now, and Im tired of schol already and being that I can only take night classes Im taking 2 possibly 3 a semester so Its taking forever to get to graduation. I wish I could homeschool my BA. lol.. Well thats all for now. take cares!! Many grobie hugs!!

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