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A Voice with the Power to Knock the Arena Senseless

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on October 10, 2007 - 4:31pm

Like..........Merry Christmas!!

Noel is the most powerful beautiful holiday album I've ever heard. Not only "the voice" is perfect, as always, but the duets and the instrumentals..........are there words to describe??????

I arrived at the Target in Willmar (I called first to make sure they'd put one aside for me) and practically skipped to the electronic department. On the way, a Target employee saw my JG "Closer" sweatshirt and commented on it - she's a huge fan (but not so huge, I had to tell her that Noel was just released and that I'd driven 75 miles just for that) - and she went crazy! It's so much fun to run into JG fans; we're all over the place!!! Oh Josh, YOU ARE LOVED :)

So I went to get the one they put aside for me then I head to the end-cap where all of the CDs are lined up ever so beautifully (I know, I'm pathetic) and it takes everything in me not to grab EVERY SINGLE CD there - like what would I do with 10 CDs? Just HOLD THEM, I guess :) LOL

On the way to my sisters house (she lives in Willmar) I had it full blast in the car. When "I'll Be Home For Christmas" came on with the soldiers in the background I lost control (NOT of the car, oooops, sorry, that sounded really bad) and the flood gates opened. My dad had told me some years ago that when he was 19 and in the service, that song was first released and it touched the hearts of a lot of the young men along with himself. He died almost 5 years ago, so I suppose I was thinking of him AND the families going through the pain of having loved ones across seas today. GOD BLESS THEM for their courage and love. And God Bless Josh for once again touching each of us with his gift...........

Are JG and David Foster a phenonemal team or what? This CD is..................a slice of heaven!

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