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J.Gro & I

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on October 10, 2007 - 6:07pm

i checked target today...again. target, please accept my apologie, but you know what? you should really hire people that know what's going on.

i bough the CD/DVD combo for me, and the CD as a christmas present for a friend. plus, it helps josh get closer to platinum.

the DVD is incredibly hysterical. josh is just the most amazing, beautiful, deliciously sweet, person. i love his wit...he reminds me of me..or, i've been told.

out of the 13 songs, i have sang:
"angels we have heard on high" in spanish & english.

"ave maria" in english

"the first noel" english & spanish

"little drummer boy" english & spanish

"silent night" english & spanish

"what child is this" english

i'm so happy that i sang "what child is this" because it is one of josh's favorites, which is also called "greensleves"

when i went to target, i was screatching all the way to the music section and once i saw it, i grabbed all the copies and holded them for about 10 minutes.

some starring was involved, but who cares. i also went and checked on Josh Groban and closer and they were on the rack that says "music that goes beyond" or something in that area. oh, and there was only one copy of Awake.

oh, and i saw a dude with Josh Grobans hair..i wanted to touch it!

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