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noel cd/ dvd

lgdheartsjg's picture
on October 11, 2007 - 3:30am

hi everyone, ive been reading up on here and i see that some of you are having trouble getting ur hands on the target version of noel with the dvd. im in connecticut and i have a few targets near me and they seem to have the shelves pretty well stocked, i cant guarentee the availablity since i dont know targets shipments but im more than happy to pick anyone up copies who cant get them if they have them. i absolutely love josh and i couldnt wait for this cd to come out so i know that i would be very upset if i couldnt get a copy and would hope that someone would do the same for me. just shoot me an email since its easier for me to check them during the day, its and put in the subject noel cd/dvd so i dont confuse the email for spam and delete it, i will respond to you as soon as i can and will confirm with you that i did get it. here its $15.99 and im not looking to charge more to make money off this, as a fan , i only want to help out another and not make a quick buck !! :) lesley

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