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on October 11, 2007 - 6:46pm

Hello, everyone!

I guess I should begin by saying that I got my CD at Target. When I saw it, I managed to keep myself from screaming, and grabbed it. I honestly can't remember what exact emotions came out of me, but I think I did a little happy dance in the middle of the store, LOL. Anyway, Josh's Christmas album is wonderful. I love how "Silent Night" starts. It gets you into the right mind-set as soon as you hit 'play.' My favorite songs on the album are "Silent Night", "Little Drummer Boy", and "Ave Maria." I love the way he sings those songs and put his special touch on all of them. And the DVD! How cool is that! What a funny dude. I've watched it only once so far, and I'm looking forward to watching it again.

I did try out for "Sweeney Todd" after all! I did not make the cast, but it was a wonderful experience! It was quite frightening to sing and act in front of about 15-20 people, and I have to say, I almost chickened out...but I marched right up there, sang "Not While I'm Around", and a while after, did a short acting scene with others for the part of Johanna, Todd's daughter. It was a great experience and I'm so glad I maintained my composure!

Now, if you'll all excuse me...I'm gonna go bust a move! LOL!! (My favorite part in Josh's CD!) Oh, and I think I kinda screamed when Sweeney came on the TV! LOL.

Hope to hear from all of you! Keep enjoying "Noel", and I apologize to some of you for not commenting back from YOUR comments right away. Take care, guys! Love you all!

God Bless!

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