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Random Thoughts by Yack Hangie part deux

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on October 11, 2007 - 11:17pm

The Gremlins are back, so into my journal I go, to amuse myself.

Work was slow this morning...3 hours of down time. Why should I care, since I get paid regardless of my production or lack thereof? I need to earn my pay. I need to know that I made a difference. I have tomorrow off, but Saturday will be a full day...I am hopeful...

The weather is changing...there was a chill in the breeze as Rich and I walked through the parking lot tonight. We dined on gourmet cheese and combo pizza and fountain beverage at Costco (woohoo, do we know how to live it up on date-night, or what?) I love it when the seasons change. Can't wait to light a fire and curl up in my recliner with a big fuzzy blanket and my babies.

They're getting too big for all three to sit on my lap now, so I just have to settle for one or two of them.

My little Trixie loves to give me lickie-poos. I don't love to get them, oh, but I do. Except for the wet dog tongue in my mouth...kinda gross if you think about it. But, oh so sweet when she is laying in my arms and looking into my eyes regarding me. Then, quick as lighting, that long pink tongue reaches out and nails me right when my mouth is open telling her what a good girl she is. Ha! She is such a little stinker.

Mojo is just a sweet little boy. He just lies there and barely will give a quick little kiss, then that's it.

Bear, oh, my Big-Boy Bear. He does not lick, he gives Big Loves, though. I'll tell him, "Big Loves" and he will put his paws on my lap or my shoulders and just sit there letting me pet him and give him hugs and kisses, along with some ear scratching and tummy rubs. He is a sweety, too.

Gawd, I love them. I had no idea that I was a dog person until I got them a couple years ago. I had mistaken myself as a cat fancier all these years.

Boo Boo Kitty does not care for the babies, at all. He stays upstairs 24/7. I feel badly that he doesn't get as much quality time with me as do the dogs. But he gets to sleep with me. Hmmmm, that sounded wrong. It wasn't so bad when we had the other cat, but now that Per Ner is gone, I really feel guilty that Boo Boo is all alone, all day, every day. I don't know what to do for him. I guess I could keep him high on cat-nip, but then he would get the munchies and get super fat like Per Ner did. Per Ner weighed 28 pounds at his heaviest.

He wasn't actually just a fat cat. He was overweight, but he was BIG in general. It was fun to see a guests reaction when Per Ner would try to sneak by. "Oh my God, what was that? It looked like a panther!" And he did. Slinking down the stairs or behind a chair, he tried to get small, but he was just so big. It was funny to watch.

I miss Per Ner. He would curl up on my shoulder at night in bed, Boo Boo would lie on my chest and we would go to sleep like that. At some point in the night, they would reposition themselves and I would inevitably get trapped under the covers between them. Or one would curl up behind my legs and the other in the crook of my arms. Then I would get stiff because I couldn't move (God forbid I disturb the cats and make myself comfortable, ha!)

Good times. If we didn't have Boo Boo, I say the dogs would sleep with us. Rich says no. But they would. I convinced him to let them get on the recliners and now I make him say I was right. When he is sitting there with his boy in his lap; both, the epitome of satiety on their mugs, that's when I do it. I say, "Say it! You know I was right!"...and he does say it. Because sitting there, with the babies, it just doesn't get much better than that. I love my little Boo Boo, but I would love to have the dogs sleep with us, too.

My Trixie girl just came in and lay (laid?, lie?) down on the floor next to me. I just love how they want to be near me or Rich, no matter what we are doing.

Touring must be difficult for artists who have pets. When I went to Texas for 5 days, I couldn't stop thinking about my dogs. Rich and I counted down the days and then the hours until we would get home to see them. That must be difficult to be away for over a month. Makes you appreciate the atist that much more when you know the sacrifice. Thanks for all you do.

I wonder if the Gremlins are gone. One more peek on the boards, then check the dictionary (never can rembember when to use lay or lie), then maybe watch Survivor if it recorded properly.

Ciao for now.

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