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Fall's here...finally

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on October 12, 2007 - 6:35pm

It's the middle of October and has only just started to feel like fall here. I've heard a lot of people talking about the changing weather on here, but I swear it was warm enough for me to wear my lightest, airiest sundresses at the end of September. Today it was cold enough to require a leather blazer, and it won't be long before I'm back in heavy sweaters and long-sleeved dresses.
Speaking of jackets, I have to get my winter coat cleaned and fixed before this stuff in November. The lining got torn to shreds, and I was thinking about picking out a different but complementary fabric to replace it. (I defy anyone to spend ten minutes in any fabric/bead store in the Garment District without some inner fashion designer rising up and coming up with ideas.) Not to mention I also wanted to order a button or two to wear so there's no doubt about why I'm going to these things.
As I've mentioned, I got my copy of Noel at Barnes and Noble as soon as the store opened. I paced around muttering, "Where is it?" until I saw some employees unpacking boxes. I yanked out a copy and danced to the cash register with the CD over my head.
And yet I couldn't listen that night. I'd already agreed to go to a Springsteen concert. I wouldn't even mention this here...if I hadn't previously been to that venue for a Josh Groban concert. I drove everyone crazy pointing out the unbelievable seats I got and reminiscing about how the stage looked.
I got it loaded on my iPod that night, and yet I've barely listened. Call me weird, but part of me can't help but think, "October is too early to listen to Christmas music." That's where "Thankful" (SO beautiful) and "Ave Maria" come in handy.
I can't help but feel like Christmas shopping is going to be a lot more enjoyable this year, if this is going to be playing in stores. On second thought, it could be dangerous. The potential for dropping and breaking whatever I'm holding out of surprise is too great.
Didn't mean to ramble like this tonight. Not writing for a few days will do that. Sleep has been more of a priority, and I intend to get plenty of it this weekend. Maybe I'll see a friendly face in my dreams...:)

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