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on October 12, 2007 - 11:38pm

so, i checked out that andy mckee guy who plays on, "the little drummer boy", oh wow....he has an unorthodox method of playing, that's for sure.....reminds me of old surf music---i'm married to a guy who's been surfing since he was 10, and i've seen my share of surf movies, and back in the day, it wasn't all thrasher music, but often lilting and flowing sweetly. that's what andy's music puts me in the mind of....the soundtrack to the epic, "five summer stories" featured an orange county, california band called Honk....that's what his music reminds me of.....and that's a very good thing. i will be buying his cd off itunes when i get paid. being off work has really cramped my spending style.....
so, i took a few hits for my review of the noel cd....i figured there'd be more. i've thought about it more, and yes, it's the song selection more than anything else. reminds me too much of high mass from my forced catholic upbringing....i have a real aversion to the catholic church, and i'm trying to get over it so i can enjoy this cd more....i do like the contemporary songs well enough, but boy, those hymn-sounding ones just turn me off. i can almost smell that horrible, choking incense. for anyone who's happily catholic, please don't give me a lecture on my blasphemous ways. it will fall on deaf ears.
so, i'm putting away the cd til after's too soon to get in the christmas spirit....i'm ready for halloween!!!

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