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A Resoponse to Your Thanks Josh

Ampatamia's picture
on October 14, 2007 - 3:22pm

Dear Josh - Whenever I purchase a new album, I love to read the credits at the end of the album. I do this because I want to see who collaborated with the artist in creating the album and who the artist personally values enough to mention by name.

Unfortunately, my musical collection is a bit limited. Most of the albums that I own are either from Donny Osmond, you, or Il Divo.

Donny Osmond always dedicates his albums to his wife Debbie and his five sons whom he refers to as "The Boys." Then he will give a VERY BRIEF THANKS to his most devoted fans known as Donny.comer's. Carlos of Il Divo is newly married, and he always dedicates his album to Geraldine, his girlfriend/wife. I have to double check their album credits to see if they thank their fans at all. Right now, I don't remember.

But when you released AWAKE, you had the best thanks to the fans that I have ever read. You wrote: "My beautiful beloved fans. THIS IS FOR YOU. As I write my liner notes for album number 3, all I can do is give thanks for what you have allowed me to become and be proud of the people you are. I'm the luckiest artist around. Here's to the next step on this journey together."

I have never felt so genuinely and personally addressed by someone I do not know and I will never meet. I was deeply touched by your words to your devoted fans, and I cherish them every time I listen to the Internet version of AWAKE.

Well, your long awaited Christmas album, Noel, was released this week and as a dutiful Grobanite, I have my two copies. The CD that I pre-orded and the CD/DVD that I purchased from Target. I read the credits of the album before I listened to it, and I did catch your "Thanks" to the fans. It was interesting. I wish that it was as warm as the Thanks on the AWAKE album, but it was still quite telling.

You wrote: "To my fans - I know that you've wanted this album for a while. Thank you for being patient and letting me make it at the right time. I hope that you enjoy it."

In response to your thanks all that I can say is THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU THANK-YOU for finally having the courage to record this unbelievably beautiful album.

I have been one of those fans who has wanted this album for quite a long while. I remember commenting on the message boards about certain songs that I dreamed you would sing if you ever recorded a Christmas album.

Even though I am 100% confident that I will never meet you or that you have never read a word that I have written over the past five years. still somehow you listened. Not just to me, but to the countless other fans who wanted this album as much as I did. You recorded the Christmas songs that meant the most to us in such a classically beautiful way that they are timeless. Once again, I am deeply touched by what you have done for your fans. I am VERY GRATEFUL for the release of NOEL, and I am fervently praying that it will become the most successful album that you have ever released.

So, Josh Groban whereever you are in the world. May you always take God for your spouse and your friend and walk with Him continually. You will not sin and you will learn to love, and the things that you MUST DO will work out PROSPEROUSLY FOR YOU! (St. John of the Cross)


Ampatamia - the Least of All the Grobanites

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