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cds & concept essay

joshlover2themax's picture
on October 15, 2007 - 11:46am

So I haven’t written about my wonderful Thursday surprise yet… I got Noel and Italia! Yeah! I was so frustrated with the Target that I usually go to because they wouldn’t tell me when they were going to have it in so I went to two other Targets. They didn’t have it either. So on Thursday I went to another Target that I hadn’t gone to yet and they had it right there. So I grabbed a copy and was so happy. I could finally relax because I had my copy. My brother told me later that the Sandy Target (the one I go to) has it out now. And I found Italia, Chris Botti’s CD/DVD, on Thursday as well. That is at Barnes and Noble. It is such a good CD. And I love the DVD that is with it. My favorite song on the whole CD is the last one.

For English I have to write a concept essay. The rough draft is due tomorrow and the final draft is due Thursday. I like the topic I picked. I am going to write about sleep and specifically why people need sleep and the benefits of sleep. I have researched the topic and I believe that I have found some articles that I can use. I have eight different articles. Now I only have to write it.

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