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Ear Worms

GrobAngel's picture
on October 15, 2007 - 4:59pm

Josh, you know I love you.
But this ear worm that "Little Drummer Boy" turned into...this has to stop.
I suppose one could argue that I brought this on myself. When my bus was stuck in traffic this morning, I thought "time of year be damned" and started playing Noel. I was GONE. I got so lost in the music that I forgot I was in traffic, and I felt like I'd drunk a mimosa with breakfast instead of tea. I'll write my opinions in full later, but I got to work much happier than I usually am on Monday mornings.
...Until this one line started playing over...and over...and over again in my head. I recognized it from the DVD and got excited at first. But it just wouldn't go out or switch to something else.
Science has proven that the only way to get rid of an ear worm (scientific term for a song that gets in your head and won't get out) is to replace it with something that drives you even crazier. Unfortunately, there was nothing on my iPod that worked. I couldn't walk down the street without hearing that song in my head.
Don't get me wrong, Josh can be in my head any time he wants. But I felt like I was being punished for listening to Christmas music too soon.

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