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life is good

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on October 16, 2007 - 3:54pm

i love fall. i love everything about it, even the tiny, crinkled-up leaves that blow in the back door, and come in on the cats' fur...i love the big golden spiders with the bulbous butts that spin webs in the treetops, spanning the patio, hoping to catch anything flying by. i love halloween and reading scary stories, and watching every "haunted..." show on cable, even though i've seen them all at least twice.
i've been reading about the difficulties with the cd/dvd editions of, "noel"...i got mine the first day out, so, i can't complain. i feel bad for anyone who can't find it. i've been reading the threads in the chatroom and everyone sounds a bit rabid over this...
like how i get when i don't eat til four in the afternoon. i get cranky and threatening, and that's what these fans sound like. i think we're all a little hungry for more josh, and not in the form of a video on thursdays, or a new CD, but josh in the flesh. we were told there was a two-year tour, and by golly, it's not even been a year. i go from thinking i want what was promised me to thinking josh deserves more time off, more time to think about the next cd he has in mind, time to see his family and get a girlfriend. but, the baby in me is whining, and i think all the other grobies are whining, too....and we're cranky....we want our josh to come and see us, come and sing for us, come and let us wish for BSP and a chance to say hey at the bus afterwards.
so, for now, i'm only peeking in a couple times a day here, to see what's new besides the usual stuff. i'll go to my new job, concentrate on that, and put some of my josh energy to good use elsewhere. and enjoy the fall. i'm in california, and yes, we do have seasons here, you just have to look hard to see them sometimes. will wait for news of josh's appearances on the talk shows to promote the xmas cd....

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