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pianogoddess06's picture
on October 16, 2007 - 8:58pm

I'm so excited Josh is in the Philippines right now! If you don't know I'm half Filipino and they love him so much over there! I remember going and seeing so many of his CD's and DVD's all over the shelves (little did I know then that there was a special Philippines edition for his first album). He is going to get such a great welcome and if he is staying anywhere near the PICC hall then he his staying next to the "most beautiful sunset in the world". I hope Josh gets to see more of the country than just Manila (the capital). Manila is deciving because it is so modern, but it is still a 3rd world country. My family really wanted to go but with starting prices of $60 (remember peso exchange rate, that's like spending $250 per ticket in our minds) it just wasn't feesible. This fall or next spring I should be headed over to the Philippines for Study Abroad and will try and meet up with the other Filipino grobies (too bad I'm not there now!). I love seeing all of the video clips of Josh! Hopefully Nay will have them on her site soon! Have fun in the Philippines Josh! And perform there again when I am on study abroad! PINOY AKO!

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