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beware of the heart

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on October 17, 2007 - 9:11pm

Watched a few oprah episodes today. the first was dr. oz and heart disease. it is the # 1 cause of death for women. 1 in 2 women will die of heart disease. scary statistics. watching that show motivated me to exercise more and eat less. the waist should be less than 35 inches otherwise you're in danger of heart disease. well, mine is 33 inches so i'm 2 inches away from that danger zone. i want to get down to a 25 inch waist. i think i was that size when i was 12 years old. oh well, i can only keep trying.

the other show i watched was about wombs for hire where women who couldn't have children hired surrogates to carry their baby. it made me wonder how far i would go in my infertility journey. maybe i don't want a baby that badly. i think i personally draw the line at surgery. i don't believe in spending thousands of dollars and having my eggs harvested and re-implanted. i don't want a child that badly. nor do i want one bad enough to consider adoption. i guess i'm not that generous of a person to adopt.

1. What do you really want? Get in shape.
2. What was your happiest moment of the day? Eating chocolate
3. My mantra - continue to live healthier and be mindful of being kind to others

Gratitude Journal:
I'm grateful for living in country where women have equal rights.

My food journal:
Brkfst: Oatmeal and peanut M & M's
Lunch: lean cuisine, mandarin oranges, apple
Afternoon snack: Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. AND plain chocolate m&m's with a limited time raspberry coating - didn't taste all that different from regular m & m's.
Dinner: Ribs and white rice

Walked for 1 hour.

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