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Happy Saturday

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on October 20, 2007 - 1:00pm

Young Frankenstein was funny. They weren't as true to the movie as some would have liked, but they did a good job expanding some of this stuff into songs. The funniest include "Please Don't Touch Me", "Together Again", "Roll in the Hay", "Join the Family Business", "He Vas My Boyfriend", "Transylvania Mania", and "Deep Love." (Okay, let's just say almost everything in the first act.) Not to mention Igor stole every scene he was in...hilarious.
I just wish I hadn't had to go to work the next morning. I had less than six hours of sleep and a migraine that was getting worse by the minute. Next time I see my neurologist, I'm going to demand something that works a little quicker. I took the pills he prescribed, but they took their time working and made me more lucid, and therefore more aware of the pain.
So as I sat on the train with my eyes closed, I tried my favorite painkiller: I put Josh on my iPod. After a few songs on Noel and With You, I could open my eyes again and my head was a little better, but there was still one knot of pain on the side. Then I tried putting "Thankful" on, and turned up the volume as his voice rises in volume near the end. I sighed with pleasure...and felt the last knot of pain undo itself. I was already so happy at what I was hearing, and even happier when I realized the migraine was gone. I've heard of endorphins acting as natural painkillers, but this is INSANE.
One of these days, I'd really like to get tested to see if my response to him is the same as after having a few drinks. Just get my heart rate and brain waves checked to see how similar they are.
I'm supposed to be working on wedding plans now (namely deciding where to register and making appointments with area bridal salons), but what are weekends for if not taking time off?
Have a nice, peaceful, relaxing Saturday, everyone! That goes especially for Josh. I know this has been a very grueling few weeks, and the scare yesterday couldn't have helped. I'm so glad our guy's back home safely.

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