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derek, you make me love you even more, everytime you ask for "yosh"

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on October 20, 2007 - 11:12pm

my day was full of josh-like-moments. i was over at a cousins house. they grilled me because my nephew is a hard core grobanite.
when we were on our way to another cousins house, my nephew, derek, saw me listening to my iPod. so, he took one of the earpieces, and placed it on his ear. he looked at me and with a huge smile said "yosh?" i said "yes." so, we listened to 'yosh' and when he fell asleep, i took the earpiece off him....but, being a huge grobanite, he woke up crying, asking for "yosh" i gave it back to him. my aunt was soooo surprised that derek would be so into josh's type of music because he's only 2. i was like, "hello?!?!? why wouldn't he?!?!?!"
so, i gave my aunt a josh listen, and she liked it.
SCORE!! more fans!!!!

here is my nephew w/ "yosh"
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket my other cousins house, i was playing with my 2 year old cousin, brandon. he is sooo cute, he always follows me around..i'm great with kids. i loooove them, too. but....i call him, is a picture, explaining why...hopefully.
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