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on October 21, 2007 - 8:00pm

OHMIJOSH. so today was like the greatest day ever. lol. me & laurenjosh went to the fairjosh & stayed til like 4:30. so when we first got there, all we did was walk round & round listening to our ipods & singing so LOUD in italian & french. and told EVERYONE to "spread the josh". we got some weird reactions from people, but mostly people thought we were mental and tried to ignore us." so then we rode the zipper(my first time) and we screamed "JOSH GROBAN, OHMIJOSH!" the wholeee time. hahahaa. so then we rode this other ride that went upside down and realllllly fast. and they play music during it...and we were changing all the words to make them josh songs :]. so then we rode this awesome ride. and these two girls were in the little cage thing with us...and they were facing us. and laurenjosh said "so were gonna scream for our King, the king of grobania. hope you don't mind." and they were like.."umm okay." lol. and then we sang the ENTIRE song oceano, in italian. and for the most part, kept a serious face. before the ride was going. and then we sang the ENTIRE song of hymne a l'amour. in french. cause we know every word to both of those. and they didn't say anything the whole time. when the ride started we screamed "JOSH GROBAN HELP US!!!! JOSH GROBAN JOSH GROBAN JOSH GROBAN!!" then i randomly stopped freaking out starting singing so loud "MI MANCHERAI. SE TE NE VAI!" and laurenjosh joined in with me. and we like sang that the rest of the ride. and when it stopped we were like "thankyou josh groban for keeping us safe!" and they like left & we said "spread the josh! mi mancherai!" hahhaaa. most hilarious experience of my entire life. omj. so we got our food, & sat next to all the dumsters. b/c thats where a lot of the african children get their food supply. & we went into the cornmeal place. where they make the corn! (b/c josh groban LOVES corn). then we went to the factoryjosh & josh groban danced in peoples faces. one guy called us stuck up bitches b/c we told him to spread the josh. hahaha. wtf? but yeah. AWESOME DAY. horrible ending to the day :( .
pray for malibu. & manila.


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