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The Power of The Josh...

Cupid's picture
on October 21, 2007 - 8:36pm

Today, I couldn't help but think about Josh (as are we all!) and the "Power" he's had on my life as well as others. You have probably guessed that I'm a "late bloomer" or "apprentice Grobanite" if you will...I didn't see him on Ally McBeal, The Olympics, or even his PBS Specials. Josh first "appeared" to me over the radio singing "To Where You Are" and since then whether his music played over the radio at home, a movie theater, a shopping mall, wherever... I would (and still do) start choking up or shedding tears. Needless to say, there were (and still are) times when I have to try to "keep it together" to keep from embarrasing myself. So, even though I believe that he means as much to me as he does to everyone else, I finally became fully aware of his "Power" through the music of his Awake album. So, even though he's always been with me (over the radio and on television) I've finally become aware of his "presence" and have "woken up" in more ways than one! BTW, sometimes when I'm in public and I hear his music it seems like he's following me! You know...For example, like when you spend the day running errands and everywhere you go you hear him singing! It's like he's by your side the whole time. Or at least singing in your ear... (but then that would be wishful thinking, wouldn't it?) LOL!

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