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It's all about me...NOT!!!!!!!!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on October 22, 2007 - 7:41am

So, after over 2 hours of commuting this morning I am now back at home at 7:30 a.m.

Made it half-way to work before the freeway was shut down due to the fires in San Diego. Called my employer at home to tell him that I was detoured off the 15 South freeway and wasn't sure how to get to work since I didn't know where it was re-opened. He said, "Yeah, we were talking about you...wondering if you were trying to make it." He suggested just going home. This whole time I am oblivious to the fact that he and his family are in the middle of an evacuation because the fires are raging through his neighborhood, just like they did a couple of years ago. So, I'm still trying to think of a way to get to work because I don't want to lose a 10 hour day of pay. What a schmuck, am I?!

After listening to the news for a while I realised how bad these fires are (spent the weekend in Anaheiim, knew all about the Malibu fires) an called to find out if Alan (by boss) was in harms way, that's when he told me the bad news.

Again, I super suck. I can hear HOG talking to my future brother-in-law right now about preparing to evac...he and my sister live near there too. WTF is wrong with me.

Gotta go...


HOG was actually speaking to a co-worker who lives near us, but who also works in San Diego (1 hour south of where we live). HOG is on vacation this week, so he didn't commute with me today.

Just spoke with my sister and they are okay. She's a little naive about the potential for the fire to spread to her direct vicinity, but at least she said she would get her important stuff ready for a quick evac. (she's mostly packed anyway because she is scheduled to close escrow this Friday as she is moving to this area).

Well, now I can post a few more pics and then help HOG clean the house for the party.


EDITED: 12:30

zero containment for most of the fires in San Diego, they are spreading. The one in Fallbrook is contained, though. There was another just south of Temecula, but it is not being reported, yet.

Fires rampaged through these areas in October 2003.

HOG and I are watching live news video on the other computer right now.

I believe there are about 14 or more fires in Southern California right now. 9 of them in San Diego. High winds are knocking down power lines causing some of these fires. Record lack of precipitation and Santa Ana winds are a strong threat to all of So Cal. Downed power lines can happen anywhere. Hope everyone is ready to evac. just in case. Important documents, pictures, pets, personal effects should be ready to go.


20 min south of me (Fallbrook) is now being evacuated. I'm worried about Marie and all my friends and co-workers and my sis in San Diego. Not to be dramatic, but these fires are out of control.

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