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Apparently Stuff Happens

vijaykumar's picture
on October 22, 2007 - 2:47pm

Well, my goodness !

How frightening to read about the explosion in Manila near them. That is not good at all. Glad everyone got back safely.

Also sorry to hear about Malibu. I hope they can get that under control. Hope Sweeney is safe. Someone on the other side of the wall here said Mel Gibson had a home in Malibu and had to evacuate. I thought he lived in Australia with his wife and dozen kids. Maybe he has more than one home.

Nothing like that going on here. It was a busy but uneventful day for me. And guess what, I get to go back to work and type up another report. Oh boy fun. I had to leave right at the end of the day to see the orthopedic doc re my injured knee. Looks like I'll live, er uh, that is my knee will be o.k. once the goose egg on top of it dissapates. That may require a needle. :o O

Some guy turned out in front of me today while I was driving to the docs. That was exciting. Missed him. Yeh !

Going on a year long healthy eating kick at work. Sounds fun eh ? Workin' toward that bakini for summer. And I am going to get the belly button pierced as a reward. LOL. Seriously..I am. the wierdest message on my cell phone. Someguy left a garbled message and I could make out parts of it and it sounded like they were telling me the time and date for my Dad's funeral...freaked me out. Then I realized it was for another Lorna. Wierd. Who in their right mind leaves a message like that for the daughter of a Dad that has passed away on a cell phone. Way Wierd. Something like "This is ___for Karen and Gary England. The funeral for Lawrence Livingston, Lorna's father, is on ______ at Winkels funeral home at _____.
O.k. bye." WIERD ! At first all I could make out was "funeral for Lorna's father" WHOA... immediately called the dad. All was fine.

O.K. must go now

Praying for rain in Malibu.


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