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vijaykumar's picture
on October 22, 2007 - 3:42pm

I talked to my older sister and she said my dad left a note saying he wanted his body released to his friend Jim. So two of us have to sign a release form in order for that to take place. He had married again after my mom and his second wife died of a brain anerism (did I spell that right??? who cares.) and wanted to be cremated and sprinkled where she was. My Grandparents are going to hold a memorial for him at their church. None of us can afford to have him flown home to Kentucky let alone the funeral and burial. But supposedly his ex-girlfriend said that his friend Jim has more money than God and said he would pay to fly us to California when he goes to do the, I guess you could call it a burial. So we'll see what happens. I guess if that happened and he flew us to California then we could go through his apartment which will be hard but has to be done. But if not then he have to do that because my sisters and I can't afford to pay for ourselves to fly there. Well that's all for now thanks for all the prayers, I really need them. My emotional status comes and goes sometimes I think I'll be alright and other times I don't know how I will survive the day. So please keep me and my family in you prayers. But I gotta go and start my midterm its due tomorrow. Funny how life still has to go on even though mine's falling apart.

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