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Josh.......are you resting??

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on October 22, 2007 - 5:34pm

I keep telling myself to put Noel away for a month to start listening after Thanksgiving; but I just can't do it! What can I say? I'm weak when it comes to Josh!

So, to all our FOJG friends in California, prayer and thoughts go out to you - this is a very scary time and I'll be thinking of you praying for RAIN RAIN RAIN!!

And thanks to all of you for filling me in on the bombing in Manilla. My goodness, I'm so glad Josh is home you suppose he's resting up after his long tour. I hope he's having the time of his life with friends and family and looking forward to the holidays with all of them. I wonder what it's like in the Groban household at Christmas? I can just imagine the love and joy and song that fills the air :) MERRY CHRISTMAS JOSH - we love you!

Well, we left for St. Louis Friday morning around 8:30 and arrived around 6:30 p.m. - a short 10 hour trip to see our kids play in our HS marching band. CONGRATULATIONS to "flute01" - read her blog to find out that they got 4th place overall - this is a HUGE accomplishment and she should be very proud! :) I was disappointed for our kids, for the first time they didn't make finals, but they were pleased to be 4th in their class in pre-lims and 19th overall. The top 14 bands placed in pre-lims and went on to finals. Hard to imagine that it was Hannah's FINAL high school marching band performance :( She so enjoyed being a "commander" this year. There will be a lot of "lasts" this year, as she is a senior - kindof bittersweet. I'm so excited to see her grow up and go off to college, but on the other hand would love keep her here safe forever!

We got home last night after another 10 hour trip back - Mark and I went with his brother Lyle and wife Rose and had a really great time. I think we laughed for 8 of the 10 hours.........what a blast; and a great time to get "re-acquainted" in a sense, as life is sooo busy. Isn't it fun to just LAUGH and be stupid and just hang out and enjoy everything around you?

I have to tell you....we stopped for a stretch and "potty" break in a restroom in Iowa and as I was sitting on the pot (sorry Josh, but it doesn't matter WHERE we are, we're ALWAYS thinking of YOU) I looked up at the picture on the wall and it was painted by Vincent vanGogh. I just smiled and thought.......oh I'll have to share this with my friends on FOJG when I get back. For all the new fans out there, the song "Vincent" is about the painter Vincent vanGogh (one of his paintings is etitled "The Starry Night") and so see, when we least expect it, Josh is with us in some way or another.

I had another dream about him over the weekend - it was a weekend filled with music, I guess! Am I blessed or what??

It's good to be home and back in my own bed and in front of my computer with ALL OF YOU! Have a super d duper week :) Love ya!

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