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Why isn't there a "Stressed" Icon?

lexiarayne's picture
on October 23, 2007 - 1:07pm

You know you're stressed when:

1) you've been breaking out for a month and a half.
2) REALLY LITTLE THINGS annoy the crap out of you
3) you're overworked
4) you're failing a class because you're missing ONE ASSIGNMENT
5) you REALLY need your iPod 24/7 because without Josh playing in your head you feel like you'll start crying
6) you get your "time of the month" a week early... and you feel like someone has whacked you over the head with a very large frying pan... and punched you on the INSIDE of your stomach... and stuffed a pillow up your nose....
7) College seems like its WAY TOO CLOSE (im a senior in high school)
8) the phrase "leave me alone" is suddenly one you use very often
9) you're losing your ability to focus
10) your first major college audition is in two weeks and your chorus teacher decided to change one of the two songs you're singing becuse he didnt like the first one and now you have NO IDEA how to sing the second one.

yeah. its been a bad week.

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