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So Cal fires

vijaykumar's picture
on October 23, 2007 - 10:44pm

Sister and Mother-in-law as well as lots of friends and co-workers are evacuated and stuck down south in San Diego. Sister is not responding...still. M-i-l is at a friends house. Some friends are at hotels. Not sure where co-workers and boss are staying.

A fire started last night in Temecula, where I work. It was several miles away, but still a little close for comfort. Another was started in my city about 5 miles the other way, it was arson. Firefighters put it out very quickly. Dude, what is wrong with some people? Another fire about about 5 miles south of us, over the hills. Wind is blowing away from us, so we are not much affected by the smoke and ash. It is not pushing the fires in our direction.

Not too worried about this area. HOG is home all week, so if anything changes he can get the dogs and cat and papers loaded up. Very unlikely that this will need to happen.

Some good news, I finally figured out how to share videos that are on my computer. Woohoo. Considering whether to post some concert footage from Anaheim. Got the whole "heart" thing on video, kinda cool.

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