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on October 26, 2007 - 2:17pm

Normally when you have a sister or brother, you think that's going to be awesome that you have someone to look up to, especially since they're older than you. You figure that you guys are going to be best friends for life. I understand that there are times where people aren't close at all to their siblings and it kinda really sucks.

Well, my story takes place Thrurday October 25, 2007 around 8:00. I was sitting in the living room watching t.v. and minding my own business. This was like my third time using the new network we got because my sister always had the t.v.

Well, I was sitting there, she comes home from a doctors appointment and she's slamming stuff down, letting me know that she was mad. (she has to be mad about something) I was watching my show and I was getting irritated because our little dog wouldn't stop scratching at the glass door.

I got up to let them in and put them to bed, thinking that there wasn't going to be a problem with that. Well, I was wrong. I come back in the room and I see that it's on a different channel. I look over at my sister and ask if she changed the channel..she says yes. I tell her that I wasn't done watching my show...she says that I left the room and just assumed that I was done with whatever I was watching.

I told her I wasn't, she gets all mad and throws the remote back at me, and mind you, she's like in her 30's..she shouldn't even be living at home. But anyway, I tell her that she could have it, she spent most of the time watching it anyway. I go upstairs and do my own thing.

Then this morning, I walk downstairs and watch some t.v. before i head to school, thinking that nothing more was going to happen. Well, i was wrong again. She comes down stairs, slams more stuff around and sits on the chair.

When it was time for me to go, I get up and put my cup in the sink, then out of now where, she tell me that I should apologize to her for what I said to her when she was trying to give me the remote. 1. She didn't give me the remote, she threw it at me. 2. I did nothing wrong, therefore, I had no reason to apologize to her. I told her that and I head to the door. Then out of nowhere she tells me, so you are a b***...I stopped and looked at her. I was thinking to myself, you have got to be kidding me.

So with that remark, of course I said something back. I was like, and you're not? I didn't want to hear what she had to say to I stormed out of the house and slammed the door behind me. Its one thing to have a friend call you that, but to have a sister say that to you, it hurts. And really, she's not even related to me.

I live with her mom, which would be my guardian..She like adopted me when I was really little..but yeah, not talking about that. I don't see how she has the right to talk to me like that. She is so impulsive and she makes all of her problems my fault.

She has no respect towards me and sooner or later, which I know is going to be sooner, we aren't going to be talking to each other, if that's how she wants it, I honestly have no problem with that. But with everything I do for her when she's not feeling well, with every nice thing that I do, I get no credit for it.

She never tells me sorry for any stupid fight we get into, she waits a few weeks and thinks that everything is going to be 110% better when its not. I don't see why we're even talking to each other still. Out of all the other things she's done to me, I see no reason. GRR..I'm just like so fed up with her crap, I want to hate her so bad but I know I can't. It's not fair and I'm in the center of everything.

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