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Oh, to be dancing!

1eclaire's picture
on October 26, 2007 - 5:50pm

I wish I was dancing right now. I called "jack" and asked him where he goes dancing. I'm so eager to dance again, I can't stand it! I think I've danced so much lately, that my body doesn't feel right when it's not dancing. Early on in our conversation we talked in general about "guys who dance," and he asked, "So, do you have one?" I said, "a guy who dances?" He said, "yeah." I said, "No, sadly I do not." He said, "Oh!"
He gave me lots of info, and said he'd call me next time he goes to this one particular dance place. Next time they do the tango he'll call me, and he's probably going to have another party at his house which he'll call me about. I told him to come to the Christmas production, and when he found out the price, he started talking about giving tix to his family as presents. I told him to call me and tell me which show he's coming to. So I still don't have a set time of when I'll see him again, and based on the info he have me, dancing this weekend's out.

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