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Back from the hills.......

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on October 28, 2007 - 12:11pm

We just got in from the mountains. It was a good weekend.
We stayed in this cabin called Hawks view. It was off a road called Boogertown Road. And I'm here to tell ya....getting up and down that driveway was a BOOGER. Very treacherous. Lock in the hubs...except the van didn't have hubs. Then coming down the driveway you had to exit at a blind curve! One of us had to get out of the van, sprint across the road and look to see if anything was coming, then motion for them to GUN IT. It was crazy.
But the cabin was pretty cool.
Late last night, I heard a horrible racket out on the porch. My heart leaped into my throat thinking someone was breaking in or a very large animal was out there. I asked Robert if he had heard anything. Of course not. I got up and snuck into the kitchen and peeked out the window. I expected to see a bear or something. GOOD LORD!!!!! It was a raccoon the size of a small bear....I kid you not!! He had a friend there too. 2 massive sized raccoons going in and out of our garbage can having a hay day. I hollered at Robert to come take a look. We were in awe. You could tell they made their usual garbage can rounds by the size of them.

We stayed busy with miniature golf, go carts, horseback riding, and scenic drives.
Friday on the way up we stopped in at Dollywood.
It was a great day to ride the rides. Hardly anyone in the lines. Reagan and I rode Thunderhead rollercoaster 3 times in a ROW. I was like "ok...Reagan....I'm about to puke." Then I rode the flying swings like 4 times in a row with Riley, then the scrambler, then on to the Dizzy Disc then the Mystery Mind that goes straight up, then straight down. I was on my last leg by the time we left the park but it was fun.

Robert ran into an FOJGER!!! ChelseGroban!! I missed you!!! That would have been so cool to meet you!
I was up there riding that dang rollercoaster!! Did you ride it? Whew!!'s always good to get home.

Ick....back to work tomorrow.

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