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vijaykumar's picture
on October 29, 2007 - 5:19am

Hi Guys

Well I'm one step closer to listening to Noel, it should be dispatched to me on 31st.

Regarding the interview on Paul O'Grady - it sounded like the Chess & Andrew Lloyd Webber shows are on-off's.
Usually when I listen to a CD I either love or hate each of the various tracks, occassionally I will hear a track that doesn't touch me in anyway at all - as with February Song, I don't know why.

Went to see Eastern Promises (Viggo Mortensen - my other love - I know I'm a slut but who cares!!), there's a naked knife fight scene in the bath house - lets just say when its out on DVD i'll be playing it in slow-mo and in close up.

Just a note to the above - I asked at the ticket counter for one seat for this film, paid, went in to see it, then as I was puting the ticket stub in my wallet on my way home after the film I noticed something that made me glad I'm not bothered about my age - they had given me a "Senior" ticket! OK I'm only 51 but hey it saved me £1.70. (We have three payment bands - Adult, Child & Senior (over 60s).

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