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fire burns studio

joshlover2themax's picture
on October 29, 2007 - 8:43am

Look what I got in my email account today. I was so shocked to see this I just sat there. I almost cried. I was afraid this would happen. But I'm glad everything is okay. Stupid firefighters. Couldn't they have turned around and put the studio out? Anyway, here is the article:

California wildfire destroyed David Foster’s Chartmaker studio

Superstar music producer David Foster is in the market for a new recording studio after his old one was destroyed in the wildfires that have ravaged southern California.

One of the fires burned through 730 hectares of the celebrity-studded city of Malibu on Sunday, where the Victoria-born Foster has a nine-hectare estate.

Firefighters were already putting out a blaze at the gatehouse on the estate when Foster’s girlfriend, Yolanda Hadid, noticed the studio was on fire.

Foster and Hadid managed to retrieve a lifetime of music and archives, some on computer hard drives, from the studio, but he is unsure whether his master tapes have been damaged.

“At one point, (we) couldn’t see a foot in front of us when we were pulling stuff out of the studio,” he wrote in an e-mail to his publicist, Bill Vigars.

The Grammy-winning producer, who escaped injury, was also able to save his collection of gold records.

“(My girlfriend) said, ‘Let’s get the gold records.’ I said, ‘I don’t give a s— about the gold records.’ But she persisted.”

Foster, 57, returned to the studio Tuesday to assess the wreckage. Although still standing, the studio is a writeoff due to smoke and fire damage, including a hole firefighters hacked through the roof.

“I don’t know what the future’s gonna bring, because smoke damage and electronics don’t go well together,” Foster said Thursday.

Foster, who in 2005 filed for divorce from third wife Linda Thompson, no longer lives on the estate, which was depicted in the short-lived reality TV series, Princes of Malibu.

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