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Josh with George Lopez

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on October 29, 2007 - 3:37pm

Last night, at 10:40 pm exactly, i was watching George Lopez (the show). BTW George is another guy that has me laughing until my gut hurts.
moving on...
This episode was the one where he doesn't want his son Max to walk to school alone. So, he rents the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and he goes into his daughters room (Carmen) to show Max the video. ok...
When he closes the bedroom door, i see the curvy red G, like the one on GROBAN infront of josh's first album.
so, i screatch, and then the camera faces the door again and i see...

"JOSH GROBAN" and i screatch again...after, i kept saying, "no way, how is he on there, who like josh in that show...i want to know!!!"
so...the camera goes back to where George is standing, next to the door and i see the most beautiful man, taped on the door!!!

it was the front cover of the first album.
it looked BEAUTIFUL!!
i tried not to scream because my parents were already sleeping. i was in my room jumping up and down!! Josh was on george lopez show!!!!!

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