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on October 30, 2007 - 9:49am

It's amazing what the promise of a scary story or two along with a bite of chocolate or Lucas Pelucas (a kind of Mexican candy my students are rather fond of) can do for classroom morale. I'm even looking forward to tomorrow!

The official line from Fort Worth ISD was quite simple: we don't do Halloween. No costumes, no parties, no decorations. This disappointed me, even if I do understand the reasoning behind it. I love Halloween, simply as a chance to express the silly side of ourselves (and, of course, as a chance to indulge in the kind of sweets that our diets usually prohibit). Anyway, as usual I decided to "get around" the rule as well as I could while still conducting class. Obviously, no costumes are allowed, and I didn't decorate. curriculum does include Edgar Allan Poe and "The Tell Tale Heart", which is one of the best horror stories ever written, IMHO. I plan to have some fun with our "study" of that wonderful story, and if my students happen to "earn" a little bit of candy by answering some questions for me, then what's the harm? *wink*

When I get home, it will be even more fun. Patrick (my three year old) is going to trick-or-treat as black Spiderman. Not being allowed to see the movies, he has no idea (and nor will he believe) that black Spiderman is a bad guy. He informed me very seriously this morning that he wanted me to dress up as a "bad princess".

"I think I'm just going to go as a Mommy," I answered him.

"You can't be a mommy for Halloween," he told me, very seriously.

"Why not?" I asked him, putting the finishing touches on my makeup.

"Because then I can't shoot webs at you," he informed me. "Mommies are good, and we don't shoot webs at good people. Only bad guys and bad princesses."

I'm not sure where he got the "bad princesses" idea...but I'm now going to have to come up with something for tomorrow. This is the first Halloween in which he's really understood what it's all about, and I want it to be nothing but fun for him.

Any ideas on how to dress up as a "bad princess," keeping in mind that I'm seven months pregnant, and in a time crunch?

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