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Thongs ALOT

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on October 30, 2007 - 12:25pm

Greetings to all. I have been away for a little bit from here as I have not been feeling too well these days. Just got over having the flu and frankly it is no fun spending a weekend hunched over the toilet getting sick. I know, too much info for ya all. I have missed being here and using my brain for a change. Wait, do I have one? Did I ever get it back? Anyway, am feeling better and so glad to be up and about doing things again.

One thing about my job is that when I get sick, I still have to go. I swear sometimes it is no fun being a grown up. It use to be so easy to have your mom call in and say you weren't coming in and things would be ok. But things so change when you get older. You are forced to work even when the sights and sounds of everything gets you sick. I mean that literally.So had to go in the last few days very early. I hate those early shifts, cause I am not much a morning person, but at those hours, it can be enjoyable too at times. Spent alot of the morning yesterday folding down thong underwear and listening to all the women gab about all sorts of things. Nothing like folding butt floss while chatting about the weather eh? LOLOL.....Oh, the joys of working retail. Suddenly I want to start singing..."Stuck in the middle with you..." Ok, so folding thongs wasn't the enjoyable part, but more so the conversations I got to hear. Some ladies can, well, act not like ladies..... kind of makes me laugh.......

But along with the crazy morning chats that goes on daily, also comes conversations I don't understand. Spent my breaks in the break room listening to others talk about other employees there behind their backs. I hate that. Every one always seems to have something to say about someone else and has to share it with every one else. I really stay away from stuff like that because it just seems so cruel at times. I just can't understand why any one would treat some one else like that. I can only imagine what they say when I am not there. But then, who cares. I swear, at that moment, it kind of reminded me of being on FOJG at times....gossip gossip gossip...Why does the world love gossip so much?

Ok FOJG....I haven't spent alot of time there these days. I guess mainly cause I am so busy with other things in my life that never seems enough time to spend there. But I did yesterday and really, not much has changed. Although the big topic on there these days was about the California Fires. The Grobies dear friend David Foster apparently lost his studio in the Fire and has the Grobanites rather sad about it. I am very surprised to see how upset some of the grobies were over it.Not that I am not, I am very sad that his studio was lost, but it isn't like he lost his house. Isn't quite the same. The man is very rich and I am pretty sure any insurance he has will cover that, so not too emotionally upset over that as much as I am over the other people who have lost their homes and all their memories that went with building their family homes. I think it is them that we should put our hearts, time and donations into. I do feel sad over the memories that were lost in that studio, but I am sure he will bounce back fairly quickly and make even better memories in a new and better studio.I wish we could say the same for the many families that lost everything. Can you imagine going back to your home that you shared for years there watching your kids grow up only to find it in ashes? How about having to search through those ashes just to find your wedding ring....Just so sad to see people go through all that. Just so upsetting that someone actually started those fires on purpose....God Bless all those effected.It goes to show you that a persons life can change in a blink of an eye.. Makes you appreciate what you have RIGHT now.....

How many copies of NOEL have you bought yet?..............Its awesome! Groban rules the music biz!!!!

ok, I am about to be a bragging mom right now so please forgive me. Just had a parent teacher meeting with my oldest daughters teacher last night and had some excellent reviews. She got 5 A's and one B. The grades were impressive to me, but what really stood out to me was that my oldest daughter Emily is so hard working and a very thoughtful child in class. Apparantly another girl had her feelings hurt the other day and Emily came over and put her arms around her to comfort her. I just could not believe the compassion my 11 year old showed to another child. It is the kind of things we all wish for but never really expect to happen, so when it does it is so overwhelming. Even the teacher said she was delightfully surprised at the caring nature she showed to her fellow students. I certainly hope she is always like that. Could not ask for any thing more as a parent than to have a child be so respectful of other human beings. Man, I am so proud. I have to go to my daughter Sarahs parent teacher conference today and I have already heard she made the Honor roll. I must be doing something right!!! Even going through a divorce, they still seem to keep their thoughts and attention on school. I am just so proud of them dearly. It just shows that kids can be ok through the most trying times if they know they will always be loved.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day. Will be back soon with more gossip, ur I mean stuff to vent about....lolololol Take care..You are all Loved!

My tip for today........If your one of those people that tries on Thongs in a store....... please buy it after you put them on and for Gods dake, DON'T return it......... Other wise it is just plain nasty! You'd be surprised how much butt floss gets returned........yuck!

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