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on October 30, 2007 - 5:10pm

Dear Josh - On this eve of Halloween, I feel kind of spooky and weird writing this. Once this is read by YOU (which IT WILL NOT BE!) or other Grobies, which may happen - I don't know - I will probably by the laughing stock of Grobania. But then again, I probably already am. So hey, what do I have to lose.....

In my deepest heart of hearts, I am pondering what a few short months in a year can make. Earlier this year, I seriously contemplated terminating our celebrity/fan realtionship. My reasons for doing so were my concerns over comments someone said that you made about the song "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode. (I have written extensively about this in the past - so I am not going to bore you or anyone else with any further details) I had come to the conclusion that spiritually you were as superficial and shallow as many of your celebrity peers, and I, as a member of the fan base, wanted nothing to do with that.

So March 10,2007 was the date set for our "good-bye." I had spent good money to see you perform in Rochester, New York that night, so no matter how I felt about you, I would not have missed your concert for the world. It was too financially costly to do so. But after that performance, I would just simply disappear as a fan and you would be none the wiser.

But, I am sure that you are wondering "If this is so, why are you still here?" The answer to that question, Josh, is due to an act of God.

I love to listen to a conservative radio pundit named Laura Ingraham. I listen to her on podcast because I do not have time to listen to her show during the day. She talks a lot about politics, Hollywood, celebrities, and the "pornification of the culture." - a term coined only by her.

One day, a few weeks before your Rochester concert, I was listening to Laura Ingraham on podcast, and she was talking, not about you, but about some of your celebrity peers who are leading questionable lives. I was agreeing to almost all of what she said when suddenly she strongly admonished her listening audience not to turn away from these celebrities in disgust. Instead, we should be fervently praying for them, because they have no one in their lives who will do that for them. In Laura Ingraham's opinion, they were truly the saddest people in the entire world.

Well, when I heard this I knew that God was speaking to me through Laura Ingraham's words. (This statement, Josh, is where I will be mocked in Grobania until kingdom come. But it is MY TRUTH. I can not deny it.) At that moment, I knew that God was asking me to remain a devoted fan, and that instead walking away in anger, I should be praying for you because maybe YOU NEED those prayers.

Since that fateful moment, I have tried as hard as I can to be faithful to MY TRUTH. I will never know if my daily prayers for you impact you in any way, but I know that I must pray for you. And I also know that God does not call me to be successful in this endeavor; only faithful. So here I am. Another devoted fan among many.

So, fast forward a bit to today and the reality that about three weeks ago, you released your only Christmas album; NOEL. This album of beautifully recorded Christmas classics has shown me that maybe you are not spiritually bankrupt like your celebrity peers. Maybe it is just REALLY, REALLY HARD to express your spirituality safely in the Hollywood culture in which you are immersed.

And look at what I would have missed if I had walked away in anger, Josh. God is good. GOD IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

So for some closing music tonight, I am going to leave you with the words of Il Divo's Christmas classic titled: REJOICE. The words of this song speak to me of my journey with you over the past year.

Where did I misplace my faith? Where did I set it down? Which won the day that I forgot what this was all about?

And I came so close to throwing it all away. But I am taking it back again.
So come and rejoice. Come and rejoice. What was lost, is found.

Cual es el dia en que olvide.
Mi fe y mi sentir. Mi vida fue un sin vivir. La quiero compartir.
(translation: Which is the day in which I forgot my faith and my feelings. My life was without living. I want to share it....)

Llegue a pensar
Deja todo y olvidar, Pero vuelvo a empezar.
(translation: I started to think to leave everything and forget. but I return to begin.)

So come and rejoice
Come and rejoice

And you do not even have to make a sound.

I feel it in your touch, you say it with your eyes.

What was lost, is found.

What was lost, is found.

May God bless you abundantly Josh Groban wherever you are.


Ampatamia - the Least of all the Grobanites

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