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am i stupid????

lindyjean's picture
on November 1, 2007 - 9:56pm

i have been working for the past month at a job that is so perfect in so many ways....i'm a school librarian...most of the kids are great, the hours are magnificent, and the pay is good. so, why did i say, "sure" when i was called to interview for another job i know darn well i'm not going to take, because i love where i am so much????? i think it's the, "grass is always greener" i think this other job will be better???? it's still with a school, but it's full-time (and i haven't worked full-time in 26 yrs), it's 20 miles away, compared to 6 where i am now, it's earlier hours (nooooooooo!!!!!), and probably, less pay per hour. in other words, NOTHING about it sounds good. i'd make more money by virtue of twice as many hours involved, but i'll spend a lot more on gas (it's up and over a couple of big hills, as well as being further), and i'd have to get up at six or so in the morning, as opposed to waking up now without needing an alarm clock, just when i feel like it.....which is usually around nine (i stay up til one or two in the morning, every night).....this is such an incredible luxury, i think i would work at a really lousy place just to be able to keep doing this. the nightowl in me is happy for the first time in many years because of this.
so....since i'm commited to the interview, my son told me to just go, see what they have to say, and then decide if it's offered to me. there is no harm in checking it out. but i wonder if there is something wrong with me to still be looking, when i feel that i'm in the best possible place i can be. the only drawback to my job is that i could use more hours. that's it. i'm picking up 4 more each week starting next week, and that will help. i think that's why i said yes to the's the only thing i can think of that would make me go check it out. but this is the last time. no more.....unless someone offers me a 6-hour a day job int he schools...that would be ideal.

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