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Greetings from Florida

vijaykumar's picture
on November 2, 2007 - 1:08pm

Hello Fellow Grobies,

I am here in Florida because my Dad has passed. I had written that he was in the hospital last week and he got worse, so my sister called me in NJ and told me to get down here ASAP. Well, I didn't get a chance to say a complete goodbye to him last night, but I was able to have my sister say goodbye for me and I just sat with him when I arrived in Sebring last night around midnight. It sucks that I can't talk on the boards right now and I really need you guys. I am doing okay, but it is very hard losing a parent regardless. If anyone would like to chat, please talk to me I need all the encouragement I can get right now.

Peace and Love to all of you out there,

Hamilton, NJ
(in Florida right now)

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