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LOL Sonny and Cher bit !

vijaykumar's picture
on November 3, 2007 - 10:31am

That is hilarious. He makes a good Sonny. Too Funny !

Bet you wonder about the Sherrif's association, eh? Don't ask me. I must be an undercover teacher...LOL. I guess citizens can join it. So I did. They provide education for kids about drugs, safety, etc. So I joined being a good citizen and all and supporter of all education. I ordered a hat and a lapel pin. And I'll be sending some money for the fallen officers fund they phoned me about. Michigan is having financial problems. Money is tight for the police depts. They're talking lay offs. Some of my neighbors work for the law enforcement dept. They are good guys. All the others I have met have been great guys. So, got to support them.

Groban, you are just too funny.

Nessa7...LOL funny stuff. Glad I could find a computer to listen to it. "nevernude"...LOL
interviewer "you are in my dreams" ....LOL

brightened my day...since it was off to a "lost" kind of start. So now I should go home and organize LOL and clean. My Budmeister dog probably wants to play too.

chow for now, maybe.

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