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Noel and Other Sources of Joy

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on November 3, 2007 - 9:29pm

From the very first listen, I've been drawn to "Panis Angelicus", so now I'm trying to learn the song (I am not a singer). I found the lyrics online and keep them with me in my car. I'm careful not to study and drive at the same time, but if I'm at a light, I will rewind a bit and attempt to sing along with Josh. It is amazing how difficult it is to wrap one's tongue around the Latin, yet Josh makes it sound so flawless!!! He never ceases to amaze.

Speaking of poor driving, I was pulled over for speeding two weeks ago. I deserved it. I thanked the officer for the reminder. Mornings have gotten increasingly chaotic, and I am driving my two precious kids around. I'm learning to "chillax" a little bit and not feel so rushed in the mornings. ANYWAY, after the disappointment wore off a tiny bit (even tho' I thanked him, I was still mad at myself), I thought, "Oh cool! I'll see my 'OMYJOSH' plates written on the ticket! That will be sorta cool!" Nope! He wrote my old plate number down because I'd given him my old registration card. I guess he didn't notice. Duh!!!!! I suppose I could try to fight the ticket since his observation skills left much to be desired, but I always tell my students that honesty is the best policy. I broke the law, and I need to just suck it up.....

I'm digressing...... Back to the topic of JOY. :)

Lately, when I'm near a record store, etc., I'll check to see if Noel is in. I feel compelled to buy more and more copies as if there is a direct correlation between my personal amount of debt and Noel's success. (Actually, I keep thinking of more and more people I'd like to "gift" Noel with.) Okay, this is weird, but I love when Noel is out and the salesclerk walks around the store hollering to other employees, "Josh Groban?? Do we have Josh Groban's Noel??? Josh Groban!!!???!" I don't know. It always makes me feel like I'm asking for a friend's CD. I sort of smile at the people around me in a "Yah....Josh is my friend. I am special and you're not!" kind of way. It's a silly thing, but it brings me much joy. :D

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